Monday, July 30, 2007

The Video has been removed!

I just logged in to Youtube to have a look at the video. I got the response in the picture. It has been removed by the user!

No Comments. God bless the Church!

Shameful outburst

The Letter to the Editor send to The Age has been published in the daily today.

Here is the link:

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Priest Kickout (Letter to the Editor send to "The Age")

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I'm an Indian Catholic priest living in Melbourne. I watched the controversial video on the Dean of Melbourne's St Patrick's Cathedral on Youtube. The video puts me into shame. Of course, the Dean (St Patrick’s, Melbourne) had been provoked. I feel sorry for him. But that doesn't give him excuse or right for the way he responded. I've never been taught in Canon law/Moral theology of the Catholic Church that the color of eye or hair has got any relation with the character of a person. But when Rev Dean relates them together, even in the midst of provocation, it is condemnable. I hope that the Church in Melbourne will repair the damage and reinstate its credibility through reconciliatory measures.

The Youtube link

Friday, July 20, 2007

My WYD Dream!

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I've submitted a proposal for a WYD Virtual Community in Internet to Bishop Anthony Fisher, the Chair of WYD 08 Sydney, last Monday 16th July on the feast of Mount Carmel. I haven't received any response yet. It's dead, I presume. But the dream is very powerful and much needed for the Church, I believe. But many a time, Holy Spirit works in mysterious ways. I believe that the HS works also through Church Authorities. So, I leave it for the time being... Let Him decide. But here is my one page proposal:

Project Proposal
WYD Internet Virtual Community

• An Internet virtual community like (of Google) or for WYD.
• Half a million plus young adults who register for WYD will constitute the primary members of the proposed virtual community.
• The members can login to the community from WYD website
• The community can be opened to the public and expects exponential growth in membership by capitalizing on the primary members’ commitment and the millions of hits received by WYD website.
• Will be the first Catholic virtual community in the Net and Church will control its content.

• Global database for priestly/religious vocations. The best of Catholic young adults who have the zeal to participate in WYD is given a platform to come together to form a community. Since Church controls the content of the community, different dioceses and religious groups can advertise, expose their spirituality and track down young adults who have potential priestly/religious vocation.
• The fun way of preparation for WYD. The members of the virtual community can get to know each other, communicate with each other, share their views, organize travel and accommodation and plan a lot of surprises (Eg: meet someone who became a friend through the virtual community, during WYD) before the actual event.
• WYD committee can make use of the community for orientation/faith formation of WYD participants through its discussion forums, internal community/group formation etc.
• Will be the most effective follow up program of WYD. This community will carry the spirit and its members to the following WYDs.

• Will develop the required software, deal with all networking issues and will launch the community in the WYD website within 90 days of the commencement of the project.
• A group of 5 software engineering graduates who have successfully completed a similar industry project is ready and willing to take part in this project under my guidance.

Fr Jaison Paul Mulerikkal CMI
Our Lady of Mount Carmel Priory
Middle Park, VIC 3206
0433 893593 (mob)