Thursday, August 9, 2007

Church Apology

During a friendly chat, my beloved auxiliary bishop of Melbourne pointed out that the Church had made an official apology regarding the Cathedral event. The Church did apologize for the 'the language and remarks made by the priest'.

The text goes like this: Monsignor Tomlinson said “I apologise unreservedly for the language and remarks made by the priest. I have spoken to him and as you would imagine he is very distressed by what has taken place and deeply regrets the way in which he reacted to the behaviour of the youths.”

That is a good thing which I was not aware till date. It was in the official website of the Melbourne Archdiocese and dated 27th July. I wrote my article on 28th.

But this apology was not made public by any of the leading media groups. That's selective reporting!

However, there were no efforts from the part of Church to make clear its position by reiterating its position in the mainstream media.

I'm sorry for not reading the official response of the Church at its website. But the circumstances in which I wrote the letter remain the same - Church did not have the visibility in denouncing the remarks made by the Dean and the philosophy behind it in public.