Thursday, January 22, 2009

Poor Jesus.. He is accontable for all the conflicts in the world

I had a wonderful online debate with 'c of las vegas, in the Herald Sun blog about this news. It was about a Muslim cleric urging to use minimum physical force to tame their wifes! However, as usual, the religion hates jumped into the scene and generalized and concluded that religion is the cause of all the evil in the world and they have to be banned. Poor Jesus!

Here is the debate!


Hi "c of las vegas 9:42pm January 22,", You again say that "conflicts through the ages seem to have been based on religious grounds". Let your belief save you. But, as I made it clear earlier, there's no point in putting all the blame of 'conflict' on the shoulders of religion. Even before religion, nonetheless to day before Jesus, there were conflicts. Even without 'religion-less state' experiments in the near future (as I pointed out about communist Russia), there were dreadful conflicts. It's only Dawkins' style of anti-religionists that put all the conflicts in the world to religions and to 'poor Jesus'. You have to open your eyes my dear friend to see that it is human nature that make us conflict each other. Religions are meant to purify it, but some time, some vested interested people/group/culture can poison it.. like any other institution in the world. So please Jesus (God) alone.


jaison of canberra mate ive read your second comment and i am more lost than ever. anyway i dont hate jesus, i can see you really love him though. by the way i was brought up in a religous background. That does not take from my first comment that conflicts through the ages seem to have been based on religious grounds.

Posted by: c of las vegas 9:42pm January 22, 2009
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Hi "c of las vegas 4:49pm", I'm sure you wouldn't understand 're communist Russia", he..he.. I've seen this kind of ignorance in almost all religion haters.. Communist Russia was a self-proclaimed religion-less state. And the ruthless cruelty produced by "your religion-less state" is very well documented. But it's only religion is accountable for "all" the tragedies of the world. poor Jesus! And again science is also exempted. There's no responsibility for science in human miseries like Nukes in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.. All those scientists and engineers are saints..but Jesus.. poor Jesus!

hey jaison of canberra i do not understand your comments re communist Russia . russia is predominately christian orthodox. or is religion a science . i just dont get ya

Posted by: c of las vegas 4:49pm January 22, 2009

Here comes the religion haters! They use every opportunity to tarnish the 'real, good' religion. "c of las vegas 2:12pm" wants all religion to be banned! Then what's going to happen on earth - Heaven? Dont think so. If that was the case, it would have happened in communist Russia! But that experiment was a cruel tragedy. It's not religion, but individuals/vested interested people/cultures who use religion to push their own agenda is the problem. Even science has got the same problem. That's what happened in Hiroshima. So, dont put rubbish on Jesus!

Posted by: jaison of canberra 2:48pm January 22, 2009

reckon Warren of Mulgrave 1:17pm is correct and its time we banned all religions. but that aint gonna happen any time soon. over the ages its religion that has caused the conflicts bettween humans. can the bosses of the various religions list out the benefits that religion provides us.

Posted by: c of las vegas 2:12pm January 22, 2009