Monday, February 16, 2009

no-secularism, no-religionism

A friend suggested no-secularism, no-religionism
for India in rediff forums. Here is my reply.

Howz ur theory of no-secularism and no-religionism going to work? It is self-contradictory.. If it is secular but no-religion, it is logical. But that's what Western countries tried and trying. But they are struggling with 'kid-fathers' who claim the fatherhood of a babe from 16 yr old mother! The best option left is god-ful secularism, what India tries, without religions' extreme elements. That's what we need to concentrate and foster, I guess.


George Andrews Moolekary said...

'kid-fathers' is less evil than religious fanaticism...secularism is the only solution for India. There are many ways to be spiritual without being religious.

jaison said...

I think, we dont contradict in what we said: I am suggesting secularism.. but "Godful-secularism", which is spiritual. I dont support religious fanaticism.